Concert History

Tactus has delighted audiences in the San Francisco Bay Area since our debut concert at the Berkeley Festival and Exhibition in 2016. The following archive lists all our concerts, together with PDFs of our concert programs.

Year Season Title Program Facebook
2024WinterThe Unrecorded OdysseyPDFEvent
2023SummerCantus MexicanusPDFEvent
2023SpringThe Spirit of a PlacePDFEvent
2022SummerTimor et TremorPDFEvent
2021FallIn Search of RefugePDF
2021SpringTactus Salon: A Musical Celebration (online)PDFEvent
2021WinterTactus Salon: A Musical Rebirth (online)PDFEvent
2020 Fall Tactus Salon: A Musical Potluck (online) PDF Event
2020 Winter Music for Mercy PDF Event
2019 Fall Music for Renewal PDF Event
2019 Spring Evolution and Identity PDFEvent
2019 Winter Determination and Destiny PDFEvent
2018 Summer Journeys and Transformations PDFEvent
2018 Summer Anticipation and Wonder PDF Event
2018 Spring Musical Meditations PDF Event
2018 Spring Longing and Remembrance II PDF Event
2017 Winter Longing and Remembrance PDF Event
2017 Summer Arise, my Love PDF Event
2017 Spring Minim Sagas PDF Event
2017 Winter Sanctuary & Exile PDF Event
2016 Fall Ave Maris Stella
PDF Event
2016 Summer New Beginnings PDF Event