• The founding director of Tactus (SF), Tanmoy Laskar is a professional astronomer and a semi-professional musician moonlighting as a bass-baritone in the San Francisco Bay Area. His musical experience includes the Trinity Singers of Cambridge University, The Harvard-Radcliffe Chorus, the Harvard Glee Club, the Choral Fellows of the Harvard University Choir, and the Lacuna Arts Ensemble. Tanmoy has been directing student and community chamber choirs for the past ten years and has previously founded two Renaissance chamber choirs in the Boston area (a group also called Tactus, and the Summer Seasonals). Several years of Summer Seasonals performances are available on YouTube, and the 2015 Summer Seasonals concert can be viewed in its entirety on-line.
  • Tanmoy is also an active composer, writing both instrumental music in the Classical style, and choral works, predominantly using Renaissance polyphony. His compositions have been premiered by leading choral ensembles including the Harvard University Chorus, the Choral Fellows of Harvard's Memorial Church, the Appleton Compline Choir, and Boston-based Convivium Musicum. A catalogue of his works is available here, and recordings are available on his SoundCloud.