Eternal Returns

Renaissance motets of loss and renewal
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June 8, 2024 - Saturday, 3:00 pm
St. Matthew's Lutheran Church (3281 16th St, San Francisco, CA)

June 10, 2024 - Monday, 4:00 pm*
St. Mark's Episcopal Church (2300 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA)

* Live stream and recording available (on sale through Monday, 6/16/2014)

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Tactus SF presents choral masterpieces exploring the eternal cycle of beginnings, endings, and new beginnings, traditionally symbolized by the ouroboros—a snake devouring its own tail. Endings are not only experiences of loss but also opportunities for renewal, a doubleness from which Renaissance composers drew inspiration for motets of grief and consolation. This a cappella concert by Bay Area chorus Tactus SF will take us on a journey from beginnings into life and from endings to new beginnings, as represented in works by composers including Tallis, Byrd, Morales, Palestrina, Josquin, and Phinot (his wonderful motet in a brand new edition by a member of the chorus).

The concert, part of the Berkeley Early Music Festival Fringe, is the last to be planned and conducted by Music Director Elizabeth Kimble. Please join Tactus SF for this musical celebration of farewells, transformations, and new horizons.

Guests attending Tactus SF's concert on Saturday can park in the parking lot behind Mission Dolores. Access to the lot is from Church Street, just south of 16th Street. You can exit the lot on 16th Street. You should exit the lot by 7 pm or you may be locked out.

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Tactus SF Music Director Elizabeth Kimble will be stepping down from her role in June 2024, following our concert at the biennial Berkeley Early Music Festival and Exhibition this summer. Ms. Kimble, who has led Tactus SF since 2021, is currently finishing a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and will be increasingly engaged in that work, while maintaining aspects of her musical life as composer, conductor, singer, and teacher.
Tactus SF was recently featured on the KALW radio show, On the Arts: Listen to our director Elizabeth Kimble in the live interview (the first ~20 minutes).

Tactus SF performing in St. Matthew's Lutheran Church. (Photo credit: Caroline Armitage)

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