August 2018: Journeys and Transformations

Journeys and Transformations
Saturday, August 18, 3 pm
St Matthew's Lutheran Church
3281 16th Street
San Francisco, CA
Sunday, August 19, 3 pm
St Jerome's Catholic Church
308 Carmel Ave
El Cerrito, CA

A Renaissance choral concert of a cappella motets by Guerrero, Palestrina, de Wert, Rore, and others, with organ interludes, poetry readings, and new Renaissance style compositions by the members of the choir, followed by a wine reception. A fun afternoon event not to be missed!

Join us for our final concert with our founding director Tanmoy Laskar, as we take you on a journey through mountain roads by the soft light of the August moon to grassy shores dotted with fiery aspens in bloom. Come with us on our adventures by sea through calm and storm, past vociferous volcanoes and craggy castles, and explore bustling spice-laden markets and freshly-bloomed gardens. As our paths take some of us far abroad, join us in songs of deep longing and fond remembrance for those they leave behind; until such time as we return once more, for more adventures are yet in store!

Poetry Contest
Tactus hosted a poetry contest based on our concert theme, "Journeys and Transformations." We are pleased to announce the winners, selected by the choir! These poems will be read during our concerts.

1. "So This is Yosemite" by Adam Zheleznyak
2. "Northern Lights over Greenland" by Anthony Martin
3. "Autumnal Passion" by Zen Kuriyama

Concert program [PDF]:
Tiento de Batallaattr. Sebastián Aguilera de Heredia
Surge propera Francisco Guerrero

Tota pulchra es Heinrich Isaac
Ricercar XI in d minorJohann Jakob Froberger
Vos métamorphoses*Susan St. Martin

Ay luna que Reluzes Anonymous
Sarabande in A majorLouis Couperin
Anima mea liquefacta est Guillaume Dufay

Descendi in hortum meum Cipriano de Rore
Intonazione del sesto tonoAndrea Gabrieli
Glades of Grace Tanmoy Laskar

Maria Magdalene Francisco Guerrero
Queen's AlmanWilliam Byrd
Ascendente Jesu Giaches de Wert

Prelude - BWV 731Johann Sebastian Bach
Hortus conclusus Rodrigo de Ceballos

Las penas y las vaquitas* Tom Ayres
Tiento del sexto tono, segunda parteAntonio de Cabezón
De los alamos vengo, madre Juan Vásquez

Si ignoras te Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Plain chant du premier KyrieFrançois Couperin
The Cries of London Orlando Gibbons

Gider oldum* Melike Yersiz
Pavan in c minorWilliam Byrd
Nunc dimittis Tanmoy Laskar

Super flumina Babylonis Tomás Luis de Victoria

Canzon Quarta detta la ScacchiGirolamo Frescobaldi

* World premieres