Evolution and Identity
May 11, 2019
Saturday, 4pm

St Matthew's Lutheran Church
3281 16th Street
San Francisco, CA
May 12, 2019
Sunday, 4pm

Saint Mary Magdalen Church
2005 Berryman Street
Berkeley, CA

Our Identity is a critical part of our moral compass, and when its core is challenged, destroyed, or lost, we can feel confused, bereft, and afraid. However, such challenges also result in critical introspection, determination, and eventually, Evolution, amalgamating into a stronger Identity that can thrive in newer climates. Join Tactus as we explore Evolution and Identity in a concert of Renaissance polyphony, sung in Latin, French, Esperanto, Sanskrit, English, Hebrew, and Turkish. Our program features several world premieres on the theme by our own members and includes interludes played on organ and lute.

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Concert program
Musica Dei donum optimi Orlando di Lasso
Missa prolationum - Kyrie Johannes Ockeghem
Nymphes des BoisJosquin des Prez
Musae Iovis Benedictus Appenzeller
La tuta tero * Thomas Ayres
Super flumina Babylonis Tomás Luis de Victoria

Asato ma sadgamaya * Tanmoy Laskar
Exortum est in tenebris Matthaeus Pipelare
Intreat Me Not * Kyle Randall
Birkat kohanim * Susan St. Martin
Gelmiş dünyanın dört bir ucundan * Melike Yersiz
Cantate Domino Claudio Monteverdi

* World premieres written by members of Tactus

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