• Thomas Ayres

    A recording by the New York Pro Musica - "Ayres, Madrigals, and Dances" - started Tom on a lifelong interest in early music performance, both as a singer and as an instrumentalist. He works as a human factors consultant, investigating accidents, but prefers riding a bicycle.
  • Sylvia Braselmann

    Sylvia Braselmann, a molecular biologist during the day, has sung with the San Francisco Choral Society, Lacuna Arts Ensemble, and for the last few years, the San Francisco Bach Choir. She is organizer and host of Loosely Renaissance, a monthly sight-singing meet, and studies voice with Ruth Rainero.
  • Kevin Cousins

    Kevin is a fascinating person. You'll get to know about him soon.
  • Kaat De Corte

    Kaat is a fascinating person. You'll get to know about her soon.
  • Serena Foy

    Serena is a fascinating person. You'll get to know about her soon.
  • Carol Henri

    Carol Henri's love of choral singing started with a fantastic High School choir and Madrigal group and continued with the UC Berkeley University Chorus. She has been a regular member of the Oakland Symphony Chorus for many years and also currently sings with the SF Bach Choir. In addition, she has sung with the SF Symphony Chorus, the SF Midsummer Mozart festival chorus and the SF Choral Society. She has worked for many years at IBM as a Technical Sales Specialist.
  • Tanmoy Laskar

    Composer-conductor Tanmoy Laskar is an astrophysicist by profession. He enjoys bringing less well-known Renaissance works to new audiences through innovatively programmed concerts. Conducting combines two of his greatest loves: music and teaching, and he strives to inspire new ideas and facilitate relationships through the power of music.
  • Kyle Randall

    Kyle is a composer who writes both concert music and music for films and games. He's written a lot of choral music, and loves singing in choirs. He sang with some of the members of Tactus when they were living in Boston, and is happy to be singing with them again!
  • John Renken

    John is music-loving Silicon Valley "Engin-nerd" who has re-discovered his love of music-making. After being in band, orchestra and choral groups thru college; music took a back-seat to work, family and other distractions. At the invitation of a friend, John joined the SF Bach Choir and has sung with them for the last 12 season. He also sang several seasons with Lacuna Arts and studied voice with Norm DeVol. When not working or singing, John can be found skiing wherever he can and hiking in the Bay Area hills.
  • Daniel Schenk

    Dan is a Boston-based musician, gardner, and community organizer visiting San Francisco for the first time to collaborate on a program of Renaissance favorites. A classical pianist and permaculturist by training, he sings with Convivium Musicum, Vox Lucens, Benificia Lucis, and the Seraphim Singers in Boston.
  • Larry Schmehl

    Larry began choral singing in college and has been singing with Bay Area choruses ever since, including San Francisco Symphony Chorus, San Francisco Bay Area Chamber Choir, Golden Gate Men's Chorus & Counterpoint, San Francisco Choral Society, San Francisco Festival Chorale, Mostly Motets, Gallimaufry Chamber Chorus, and Tactus. Highlights include six European concert tours with San Francisco Bay Area Chamber Choir, Chanticleer Sonoma Choral Workshop, performance of Carmina Burana at Grand Teton Music Festival, and GALA festivals in San Jose, Miami, Montreal, and Denver. Now retired, Larry enjoys travel, hikes in the Bay Area, and duplicate bridge tournaments.
  • Susan St Martin

    Susan made her conducting debut in the 4th grade, when she directed the 4th grade recorder group in "Frère Jacques" in canon. Susan has taken one formal music theory class in her life, during her last semester at MIT, where she got her undergraduate degree in Biology. Otherwise, she credits her school music teachers and choral directors over the years with all the music theory she knows. Susan is a research assistant at Sangamo Therapeutics, where she works on curing diseases with therapeutic gene modification. Other interests include knitting, figs, whisk(e)y, and the occasional lamb kebab.
  • Susan Swerdlow

    Mezzo/alto Susan Swerdlow is excited to sing her first concert with Tactus. A former section leader in the San Francisco Symphony Chorus, she currently enjoys singing in the Berkeley Bach Cantata Group, the chamber chorus of Bay Area Classical Harmonies (B.A.C.H.), and two Renaissance trios. She trained the choruses for fourteen productions at Berkeley Opera (now West Edge Opera) and five at Oakland Opera Theater, and is a former music director of Sacred and Profane Chamber Chorus. Susan, who holds an M.M. in choral conducting from Temple University, has just retired after several fulfilling decades teaching choral music at the College Preparatory School in Oakland.
  • Barbara Tuse

    Barbara is a fascinating person. You'll get to know about her soon.
  • Barb Westree

    Barb Westree is retired from environmental consulting. Beginning her musical life in high school, she always sang in big choruses. While the Verdi and Mozart Requiems are great works, Barb now derives her musical joy from small ensembles and Early Music. Besides Tactus, Barb also sings with Lacuna Arts in San Francisco.
  • Melike Yersiz

    Melike began singing and playing piano before she can remember, but didn't become a lifelong choir nerd until middle school. Since then, choir has been an essential part of her life. (join choir) Melike was born in Istanbul, grew up in Los Angeles, and went on to get degrees in Chemical-Biological Engineering and Music Composition. She currently works as a Senior Process Engineer at a refinery. She has a diverse musical taste ranging from Renaissance to cringe-inducing experimental music, and for this reason prefers to attend many concerts alone. Melike never wears the same outfit combination twice, and her favorite animal is the pigeon.